Black Runtz THCa 24.89%


Though slightly dark with abundant brown hairs and tan hues that reveal the kief, this strain gains more flavor with time in the jar. Closely hand-trimmed and dense, it delivers a powerful euphoria that eases worries and promotes relaxation.

Indica dominant

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The uplifting yet relaxing qualities of this strain make it an ideal companion for those struggling with depression and anxiety. Its deeply calming effects can quiet even the busiest mind, allowing happiness to emerge unimpeded. For those who tend to overthink and worry, Black Runtz may provide much-needed respite.

In addition to its mood-elevating properties, this strain can also stimulate appetite and ease physical discomfort. Its ability to relax both mind and body may bring relief to those suffering from eating disorders, nausea, chronic pain, or general unease. The peaceful, mellow high of Black Runtz is best enjoyed in the evening. Novices should be aware – its potent sedative effect can lead to heavy drowsiness.

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