Blue Dream THCa 22.57%


This potent strain is not recommended for those with anxiety disorders, as it can quickly become overwhelming and exacerbate symptoms. However, it may benefit those with chronic fatigue, depression, or lack of appetite by lifting mood and stimulating the body. In addition, it can potentially alleviate mild muscle spasms and pains from injury or illness. While too strong for anxious individuals, its energizing effects make it helpful for those needing a mood and energy boost.

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The origins of Blue Dream, a potent hybrid of Blueberry and Haze, are shrouded in mystery. This sativa-dominant strain has a dreamy flavor and invigorating cerebral high. Though Blue Dream first gained popularity in the medical cannabis community, the exact source of this iconic strain remains unknown. Many believe it originated in Santa Cruz, California, but no one knows for certain who first cultivated the dreamy Blue Dream.

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